Garden Study

"Garden Study"
6x8 oil on canvas
© 2011 Carol Horzempa

In late summer there is only a short span of time where I have sun in my garden. My Impatiens don't seem to mind though. I did manage to finish most of my painting before returning to the studio.

My garden is growing a bit wild, almost covering the watering can but I find it more interesting than a manicured garden.

Bay Furnace III

"Bay Furnace"
oil on canvas 6x8
© 2011 Carol Horzempa

This is my 3rd painting of this bay on Lake Superior in the Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Every year on our annual family camping trip I bring my paints and plan to do some plein air painting at Bay Furnace Campground. Instead of painting I always ended up taking pictures and painting from photos in my studio. This year I finally pushed myself to make an attempt at painting on the beach under a shade tree and found it was actually fun!


6x8 oil on canvas
© 2011 Carol Horzempa

Yesterday I decided to go out to my backyard to see what I could paint. I love how the evening sun creates dramatic light and shadows across my yard. My hosta plant always stands out with it's bright yellow-green leaves at this time of day. I almost didn't paint the bench swing since I wasn't sure how to paint it. I found it was easier to paint as long as I didn't focus on details. I started losing my sun so I finished this painting from memory in my studio.

I used a limited palette of cad. yellow medium, cad. red light, ultramarine blue plus white.