Ottawa Dog Trail

"Ottawa Dog Trail"
oil on canvas

The weather was nice enough to do some Plein Air Painting yesterday. Being a novice at this I forgot to take off my sunglasses and didn’t notice it until I was almost done. I decided to keep painting that way and see what it will look like later. At least it was easier on the eyes this way. I was surprised the colors looked alright when I got back to my studio. I was also surprised I was able to paint a landscape in an hour with just a bit of touch up from my photo. What a difference to paint from real life rather than just a photo!
Oil on canvas 6x8

Ottawa Dog Trail is a huge dog training area for hunters in Kettle Moraine State Forest. Yesterday there were several horseback riders and hunters training their dogs. With the receding snow and warm temperature, it was a great day to be outdoors here in Wisconsin.


  1. I love quiet lanes in the country. Wish I was walking there now with my little dog who also loves those pathways. Thank you for the places your artwork takes me to. Very enjoyable!

  2. excellent photo, you should send and have put on the site in their gallery. Your dogs watching you paint!

  3. I love it! Beautiful job, and so quick too. I can't wait to get outside to paint, we're finally getting some nice weather!

  4. Very nice piece. Its n the 60s here today and still to cold for me to go out and paint,,lol I left a post on my blog that might help you with sunlight glare if you get a chance to check it out.Great picture of you with Dog.

  5. Beautiful and thanks for sharing.

  6. An absolutely wonderful painting, Carol.

  7. Beautiful painting with a nice forest. Love your picture with your dog. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  8. Carol, i had to check out your paintings. They are really nice, good color and brushwork.

  9. Thanks Elaine, I wish you could come with me next time I go. Elaine is my sister and has an adorable little Border Terrier that I would like to do a portrait of some day.

    Pochade - I checked the blog and they have a pochade gallery with samples of art done by plein air artist. Check out their Pochade box, it is the best I’ve seen.

    Thanks Carrie, looking forward to plein air painting with you this weekend.

    Thanks James, I checked out your idea with the sunglasses, and might try it myself.

    Manpolo – Thanks for your comment.

    Edward, I always appreciate it when you stop by and make a comment, thanks!

    Thanks Arthur (simoart) and congratulations on your James Parker Award!

    Becky Joy – I appreciate your comment, thanks! I love your plein air paintings on your blog.

  10. Hey Carol! Im a little late to the party but... you really belted-out a beauty! This has a very lovely neutral palette. Nice work!

  11. What a wonderful piece Carole..I love the feel of it!!...I am trying to catch up after my show!