oil on canvas

I planted these peonies next to my gate years ago for the main purpose of painting them someday. They don’t get much sun so they are very tall reaching every which way for the sun and practically blocking entrance to the gate. I am sure glad I took photos of them before a hailstorm. Now with the sweltering heat the poor things are faded and drooping over.

I made one attempt years ago to paint these flowers and so this is my second try. I think painting flowers has got to be the biggest challenge for me so far but I did enjoy painting the pickets on the gate.

After spending way to much time on this one, I kept wondering if it pays to work on a painting that seems doomed for the reject pile. This morning I decided to give it one more try with a fresh eye. I realized it only need a little tweaking and then called it finished. I’m hoping that I can apply what I learned and paint more someday.


  1. Peonies!!! I can't grow them, I can't paint them but I sure love it when artists are able to render them so beautifully. Thanks Carol!

  2. Love that flower. Wish we could grow them SoCal. You really got the dimension of the flower across. Love the color under the petals. Very nice. Look forward to seeing your next one.

  3. Peonies are one of my all time favorite flowers and you have captured their delicate, multiple petals beautifully. Also, love the white picket fence, it screams summer!

  4. I love peonies and you painting reminded me of why...beautiful! The fence is really great too!

  5. I agree with everyone, I love those flowers and your picket fence is so delightful great yellow and purple in it.

  6. Carol, you sound just like me, criticizing your work but guess what, I just think this is a BEAUTIFUL, EVOCATIVE painting! It has a great composition. I agree, I think floral paintings are difficult because there are so many ways to veer off in a not-good direction, but to me, this one strikes exactly the right chord (and I can be kind of critical of flower paintings, especially since I avoid them for all of the above-mentioned reasons). Love this!

  7. what a great blog and great paintings.
    God bless and keep it up.