In Memory of Holly

"In Memory of Holly"
6x7 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

This little Border Terrier will be truly missed by my sister. Below is a poem she has written that best described her little companion that kept her company for the past 10 years.


So cute you are little Border Terrier

Whether closely shorn or hairier
Rain, snow, sleet; no matter what pours
Kin from Northumberland's harsh shores

My life you fill with joy and hearty laughs

In the house; teasing, kissing, snuggling naps

Out the door; a wild predator, oh so fun
Chasing squirrels, rabbits, bugs in the sun

Roll over tricks for a doggie bone

You keep me young and not alone

You take me places I would never go
Dog companion, sniffing weeds, exploring a hole

For this little pet thank you God; I do

She depends on me for everything, and I on You

By Elaine Schneider


  1. What a beautiful painting and tribute for your sister. I love the overall monochromatic palette you used here, that is not an easy thing to pull off and you did it perfectly!

  2. This is a precious portrait. How special for your sister.

  3. What a cutie...your sister is sure to love this memorial!

  4. What an absolutely beautiful painting Carol. A precious memory for your sister. How sad that our furry friends stay with us for such a short time.

  5. Beautiful! You can feel the love. -Don

  6. Such a very sweet and so beautifully painted portrait of Holly.

  7. What a wonderful painting for your sister. She will treasure this!

  8. Angela, this is fantastic. The strong darks (as well as the rest of the values), the strong red of the tag among the subtle neutrals, and the drawing, are all masterful. Wow.

  9. Woops! Carol, I'm sorry. I thought I was on Angela Elledge's page. My comment above captures my feeling about your painting, so please forgive the misaddressing of the approbation.


  10. Wow! This is a fantastic Portrait of Holly! I'm so glad Elaine will have this wonderful painting as a beautiful memory of her little dog.

  11. I enjoyed viewing your work, the great grandmother painting is precious. Very moving!

  12. Another lovely painting Carole. What a wonderful gift for your sister.

    You are not too far from me, I live in Burlington.

  13. Sometimes I find it hard to judge my own work so it’s very encouraging to receive positive feedback from fellow artist. Thank you all so much for your kind words, it’s really appreciated!

  14. It's just excellent! (Carrie sez I don't log on and comment enough, so here you go...). I always enjoy the work you do with animals.