Painting Trees

oil on gessoed watercolor paper

I thought I would share with you what I have been doing in my studio lately. I decided I needed a refresher course on painting trees. I would love to go out to the main source and paint directly from nature but the mosquitoes are more ravenous than ever in Wisconsin this year. Even repellent doesn't help much so I'm confined to my studio for now.

With this painting I followed a painting demo in Elizabeth Tolley's "Oil Painter's Solution Book Landscape." This is a great book on landscape painting with step-by-step demos and tons of valuable information.


  1. Your "Tolley trees" are exceptional. I do love her book and have done several of her step by step paintings in hopes of getting some plein aire knowledge. And you are right, much better climate inside than fighting the heat and mosquitoes this time of year!

  2. Carol, thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love your trees and your previous work. You have beautiful brushwork!! Thanks bunches for the book recommendation!!

  3. Beautiful form revealing sunlit trees, Carol! Love your brushwork.I share your thirst to learn. Now I feel like I should practice trees....

  4. Hi carol. En plein air is something I will have to do sometime. Landscapes seem the most daunting, all those greens!
    I have left all those mosquitoes behind in WI whilst I vacation with hubby in VA. Non here thank goodness.

  5. Great job on your tree painting. I have this book as well!

  6. Gorgeous light shining on these trees. Great job!