Garden Shed III

"Garden Shed III"
©2010 Carol Horzempa
oil on canvas


This is a plein air painting of my garden shed I did several years ago. This was my third try in painting this shed at the time. Unfortunately I wasn't happy with it so it ended up in my reject pile. I was hoping I could someday figure out how to correct some of the problems since I was really happy with the flower box and sunlight on the shed. I was pleasantly surprised it only needed a bit of tweaking with lost and found edges and correcting some of the architecture.

I'm happy I took a photo before framing so I could post the results on my blog. Sorry...I forgot to take a before photo of the painting.

I actually had a hard time parting with this painting but had planed to give it to my son in Louisiana as a house-warming gift. My son said he used to play in this shed when he was a boy so I think he was happy to have a painting with good memories of his childhood back home.

Now I'm thinking I should go back to my reject pile and see what else I can rescue...

Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol
©2001 Carol Horzempa
13x15 Conte Crayon on Canson

I've been away from my studio and busy with the holiday madness so I decided to post this drawing I did several years ago. For inspiration I used an old photo taken of me on Christmas morning when I was a small child. This drawing was done with Conte Crayon on Canson drawing paper.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!