Mini Pumpkins on Red

Mini Pumpkin on Red
6x6 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

For several weeks these two mini pumpkins were sitting in my studio waiting to be painted. I decided to set them on a red background and see if I could get them to stand out and be noticed. I found painting these little guys a real challenge but a lot of fun! This is part of the DPW Paint Your Pumpkin Challenge hosted by Carol Marine. Thanks Carol!


  1. I really love your color combination in this one, Carol, and so well painted. Scrumptious!

  2. This looks fabulous orange on orange and love the pumpkins!

  3. I love the brushwork on the little pumpkins, they look great!!

  4. Love the colors and the values are so close yet they stand out with great energy! Wonderful painting!