(in the style of Vincent van Gogh)
6x8 oil on canvas

Gloria Zukaro of Daily Paintworks challenged artists to paint in the style of an artist they admire.  I always wanted to do a portrait of my son-in law in the style of Vincent van Gogh. Kurt, who looks like Vincent's better looking twin is a song-writer and musician.

For reference, I used one of van Gogh's last self-portraits painted in 1889 a year before his untimely death. I'm afraid I got a little carried away with lines and swirls, but at the same time I found myself admiring the passion and genius of this prolific painter.

"This is my ambition, which is, in spite of everything, founded less on anger than on love, more on serenity than on passion. It is true that I am often in the greatest misery, but still there is a calm pure harmony and music inside me..."  

Vincent van Gogh


  1. Hello Carol,
    The portrait of Van Gogh was ótimol fashion.
    The work also pays homage to the Dutch master, one of the greatest names in art of all time.
    I really like his painting, the American school has revealed many exceptional artists, designers and great colorists.
    A big hug

  2. I LOVE this! What a wonderful use of Vincent's style to create a fun, personal portrait. I'm sure your son-in-law adores it as well! What fun!

  3. FANTASTIC job, Carol! And, IMO, I don't think you got carried away at all. : )

  4. I love the Illustrative quality of this painting, so cool!

  5. Ha I love it! Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to telling you. Awesome! And I love the swirls too! I should dye my hair more orange :).