Portrait Study

6x8 oil on panel

I decided to get busy and do some major cleaning in my studio. I ran across this portrait study of my grandson I painted a few years ago. It had been stacked away in a drawer and forgotten. I never liked the composition but now I see all it needed was a little cropping and maybe a frame. I did this painting on a panel prepared with oil base gesso and used only one color, Chromium Oxid Red. 


  1. This is a wonderful portrait....Carol. I love the sepia version...just beautiful!!! I hope you do more of these... we all have the same idea for today..I started to clean my art room and realized that some of the paintings were never finished..so that's what I'm working on now.!!!

  2. This portrait has such a timeless quality—the color, but also that you captured your grandson mid-thought or idea. He seems intent on something and it really comes across. It's so interesting that you can go back to being a natural left-hander and see your paintings change as you change hands. Hard to fathom that people forced kids away from their natural dexterity. Thanks for mentioning the linen canvas pads—I will try them. And I'm so sorry you've lost your beloved Shawna. Your portraits of her really capture a special personality, are beautifully painted and full of soul.