Winter Run

"Winter Run"
oil on canvas 

I never painted a dog so small before. I had to paint Shawna’s face with a small palette knife to keep from doing too much detail. I always wanted to paint her running through the woods in the snow, something she does everyday. That is her favorite thing to do especially in the winter. I’m looking forward to painting a larger image of Shawna in the future.


  1. She looks so happy! I love this painting and I agree you need to paint more of Shawna please.

  2. great snow and dog, carol. almost as great as my portrait! I wish we got just a tad more snow. We usually only get 1 or 2 per season and it only stays a few days, if that. This year we got several inches of ice (very unusual) that completely destroyed many trees.

  3. This turned out really nice, I can't wait to see it in person.

  4. I love the action in your beautiful Shawna. I really interesting to see the changes you made. Great piece.

  5. Nice painting Carol! Plein air in the winter. Wow! You are a real adventurous artist!
    Happy to find your blog.

  6. Anne Marie and Sheila – Thanks, I do plan to do more close up paintings of Shawna soon.

    Vicki – I would love to send some of this white stuff down your way, sorry to hear you lost your trees though. We just got six inches and it’s still coming down.

    Carrie – Thanks! It does look better than the photo. I need help with Photoshop next time you come.

    Dominique - Thanks! I would like to try another action painting but a close up one next time.

    Lisa – Thanks for stopping by. I checked your blog and love your awesome studio! You have beautiful work. As far as Plein Air painting I don’t venture too far in the winter, only as far as my backyard on warmer days.

  7. Carol... you've been tagged by me! Please look at my last post. Thanks!