Little Traveler

"Little Traveler"
4x6 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

I love antiques and nature. My house is full of old things I've collected through the years. I also love collecting interesting things I find every so often on nature hikes. Every fall I collect acorns, nuts and pine cones. I noticed acorns have the same shape as a Kewpie doll head and with the right lighting I thought it would make an interesting composition.

There is a story behind this little bisque Kewpie doll called "Little Traveler." My husband found the 3 1/2 inch bisque doll buried in a construction site the first year of our marriage. Other than a few marks, it's in excellent condition. It is hard to believe this little figurine survived all these years buried underground in an ancient city dump along with cinders and antique bottles. Now it has an honored place on display in my china cabinet.