Shawna with a Smile

"Shawna with a Smile"
6x8 Oil on Linen Panel
Carol Horzempa

These last three paintings seems to have turned into a series of my dog. My husband suggested I paint Shawna with a smile this time. For reference I used a photo taken of her three years ago while hiking up a steep hill. She beat me to the top and proudly stood there enjoying the view while waiting for me. I was able to capture that moment with my camera. Unfortunately Shawna is in the midst of her senior years and can only take short walks on level ground now.

I discovered a linen canvas in a Sampler Pad from Jerry's Artarama that I love painting on. I used it for this painting. It is called Senso Heavyweight Premium Linen Canvas which comes in rolls and  pads.

By the way, I used my right hand for Shawna's face and the rest with my lefty. I really enjoy painting this way.

Zoning Out

"Zoning Out"
6x8 oil on gessoed panel 

Another painting of Shawna, this time using my right hand most of the time. In this portrait I focused on the values and tried to capture the way my sweet old dog looks just before falling asleep. I decided to submit this to last weeks "Lying Down Challenge" posted on The Daily Paintworks by Carol Carmichael. Carol challenged fellow artists to paint someone or something in the state of repose. 


6x8 oil on gessoed paper

I've always wanted to try painting with my left hand, since I have reason to believe I was born a lefty. At a tender age I was forced to switch to my right hand which eventually became my dominate hand. I wonder how many artists also had this experience when growing up? Well, today I found it quite liberating to paint with my left hand. This is my first try and I found it easier than expected. I didn't use my right hand for anything and didn't feel I needed too. I painted Shawna from this same photo in the past as seen here but I think I got the feeling down better in this one. I may try using my left hand more often in the future.