6x8 oil on gessoed paper

I've always wanted to try painting with my left hand, since I have reason to believe I was born a lefty. At a tender age I was forced to switch to my right hand which eventually became my dominate hand. I wonder how many artists also had this experience when growing up? Well, today I found it quite liberating to paint with my left hand. This is my first try and I found it easier than expected. I didn't use my right hand for anything and didn't feel I needed too. I painted Shawna from this same photo in the past as seen here but I think I got the feeling down better in this one. I may try using my left hand more often in the future.


  1. We recently had a challenge to paint with our other hand and I was scared to death to try, but loved the final outcome. I am right hand dominant and found I had to sit on that hand to keep it out of the way! As you painted something you were familiar with, I did the same too, painting my parent's dog (Belle posted on the blog a couple of posts back). I learned a lot through the process and really liked not having control of the brush; it forced me to work loose, something I struggle with constantly. Well done, Carol ~ great minds think alike!!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the loose brushstrokes. I'm a lefty, but am going to experiment using my right hand - seems like a good exercise.

  3. Wow! This is just beautiful! It really has a wonderful feeling to it, those eyes are really piercing--and all with your left hand!

  4. Can't believe to tell you how impressed I am with this left handed painting, absolutely beautiful.

  5. Hermoso tus trabajos, Carol. Tienes un evidente talento para el color y la forma.