Bay Furnace Beach

"Furnace Bay" 
 4x7 oil canvas
Carol Horzempa

Earlier this month I went camping with my family on Lake Superior near Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan. We were lucky enough get a lakefront campsite at Bay Furnace National Forest Campground. This is a painting of the shoreline in front of our campsite on a foggy morning. I hope to post a better photo of this painting soon since the colors are a bit off.

Walkin' the Dog

"Walkin' the Dog" 
5.x7.25 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa


This is my interpretation of Karin Jurick’s DSFDF challenge. I took the liberty of cropping Karin’s reference photo again. I added the girl who is supposed to be me (like about 20 years younger) walking Shawna.

I experimented with a textured surface made from priming a canvas panel with Utrecht Oil Priming White. I love this surface to paint on since it doesn’t absorb the paint like water base gesso does and I like how my brush glides across the oil base surface making it easier to control. I am also pleased with the fact that my paint stayed fresh and didn’t become dull as it dried.