The Neighborhood

"The Neighborhood" 
 5x7.5 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

Here in Wisconsin it's been so cold all week that I can walk on top of the snow without sinking in. Since I have been getting cabin fever lately I decided to paint the neighborhood with it's hard crusty snow piled up everywhere. This is the view I see from my back door.

In Memory of Holly

"In Memory of Holly"
6x7 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

This little Border Terrier will be truly missed by my sister. Below is a poem she has written that best described her little companion that kept her company for the past 10 years.


So cute you are little Border Terrier

Whether closely shorn or hairier
Rain, snow, sleet; no matter what pours
Kin from Northumberland's harsh shores

My life you fill with joy and hearty laughs

In the house; teasing, kissing, snuggling naps

Out the door; a wild predator, oh so fun
Chasing squirrels, rabbits, bugs in the sun

Roll over tricks for a doggie bone

You keep me young and not alone

You take me places I would never go
Dog companion, sniffing weeds, exploring a hole

For this little pet thank you God; I do

She depends on me for everything, and I on You

By Elaine Schneider


12x14 Conte Crayon
on paper
Carol Horzempa

Thirteen years ago I did this portrait of my mother-in-law Estelle meeting her first great-grandchild, Casey Ray. It was a moment in time that I was able to capture with my camera and later as a drawing with Conte Crayon on Bienfang paper. Casey of course is a teenager now. You can see a painting of him titled "13" done by his mom (my daughter) on her blog.

Estelle is ninety-six years young now and is able to remain independent in her own home with the help of family members taking care of her needs.

This is going to be a busy year for me but I hope to focus on doing more portraits in the near future.