Early Girl

"Early Girl"
4x5.5 oil on gessoed panel 
Carol Horzempa

Another tomato painting, this time all by herself. I'm really starting to enjoy painting tomatoes and hope the frost doesn't get them before I can paint a few more. 

No Makeup Please!

No Makeup Please!
oil on canvas 6x4.5
© 2011 Carol Horzempa

I painted my makeup (which I rarely use) for the Limited Stroke Challenge in Daily Paintworks. We were challenged to plan our painting by counting the number of strokes we would need to paint each color shape. I tried to stick to 32 strokes but lost count after I reached 40. I had fun with this challenge though and will try again. 

Turning Red

"Turning Red"
6x6 oil on canvas
© 2011 Carol Horzempa

The larger tomato was literally turning red while I was painting. That is how slow I was with this painting. I kept changing the colors which was not a smart thing to do. Hopefully I will speed up on my next tomato painting.  

Tomato Studies

"Tomato Studies"
6x6 oil on canvas
©2011 Carol Horzempa

Instead of 10 minute studies, I took my time and focused on trying to make these tomatoes look round and heavy like they are. The stems started drying under the light but I liked how they curled up. This year I have a lot of tomatoes growing in my garden and hope to paint more before the frost.