Tomato Studies

"Tomato Studies"
6x6 oil on canvas
©2011 Carol Horzempa

Instead of 10 minute studies, I took my time and focused on trying to make these tomatoes look round and heavy like they are. The stems started drying under the light but I liked how they curled up. This year I have a lot of tomatoes growing in my garden and hope to paint more before the frost. 


  1. Spending time on each study seems like a good idea. I understand the rationale for doing studies quickly, but I also see value in taking time to get things right. I'm going to try that.

    This is a lovely painting. The tomatoes look delicious!

  2. On my monitor this comes up about 9” x 9” - beautiful - wonderful brush strokes. I’m amazed the entire painting is 6’ x 6”!! Wish I had grown those delicious tomatoes! My quick studies almost always result in resetting the timer - at least once! Can’t wait to see more of your tomatoes!

  3. Perfect values. Your brushwork is gorgeous!

  4. Great tomatoes, Carol you really have captured the feeling of weight, and roundness. I especially like the one in left bottom corner, that reflected daylight on the left side is great. You have really caught the movement of light too. Just wonderful!