Garden Study

"Garden Study"
6x8 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

In late summer there is only a short span of time where I have sun in my garden. My Impatiens don't seem to mind though. I did manage to finish most of my painting before returning to the studio.

My garden is growing a bit wild, almost covering the watering can but I find it more interesting than a manicured garden.


  1. This turned out really nice, you really captured the feel of all those little blossoms taking over.

  2. Oh Carol, it is a lovely painting, and I agree manicured gardens are not for me, either. I really like how you captured the dappled sunlight and the flowers peeking in and out.

  3. This is lovely, it reminds me how I can never find my watering can, as I seem to leave it in a different spot each day!

  4. Beautiful summer painting! Love the colors!