Garden Shed VI

"Garden Shed VI"
6x8 oil on canvas

©2010 Carol Horzempa


Finally I'm back in my studio or should I say forced to be here. This is the only room in my house that is air-conditioned. This summer has been hectic with out-of-town trips but now I have time to focus on studio projects until another camping trip up north.

Buried away in my studio are several plein air paintings of my garden shed I've done in the past that I never was quite happy with. This time on my sixth try I finally got the result I was shooting for.

I love how the late afternoon sun cast dramatic shadows on my shed. I have been painting it in my mind so often this summer that I finally decided to paint it from a photo, since I'm too pokey to try and capture this fleeting moment.

My palette colors for this painting were Cad. Yellow Light, & Deep, a touch of Cad. Lemon, Cad. Red Light, Transparent Oxide Red, Cobalt Blue, Viridian and Titanium White.