A Passion for Painting Award

Now that I’m back from Florida’s sun and sandy beaches, I’m ready to start painting again. First though I want to thank Ann Marie Propts who passed this “Passion for Painting Award” on to me while I was gone. Ann Marie has some wonderful paintings of pets, people and cityscapes that are fresh and alive with color so be sure to check them out on her blog and also her latest submission to DSFDF.

Rules are as follows:

List seven things that you love
Put a link to the artist who tagged you for this honor
Pass the honor on to seven artists you feel should receive the recognition
Let them know they received this award

Seven things I LOVE (in no particular order)

- Four legged pals; Kiki, Dorie, & Shawna
- Two legged ones; spouse, kids, grandkids & my sibs of course
- Wisconsin Swiss Cheese (okay, so I’m a cheese head)
- My pochade box (skillfully crafted by spouse)
- Painting and thinking about painting
- Swimming in Lake Superior on hot summer days
- Omanhene Hot Cocoa on cold winter nights

Here is my list of artists I follow that have been a real source of inspiration to me in their work habits, level of skill and passion they show in their paintings.

Frank A. Edwards
Holly Zemak
Becky Joy
Cathleen Rehfeld
Dana Cooper
Todd Smith
Charlene Brown


  1. Welcome Back and Happy Easter! Your award is so well deserved.

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved award. Your work is beautiful!

  3. Your award is well deserved, thank you for passing it on!

  4. Hi Carol! Very well deserved indeed! I just posted another award for you on my blog!