Shawna in Tangerine Sky

"Shawna in Tangerine Sky"
6x8 oil on canvas 
Carol Horzempa

Last Summer I took a photo of Shawna sitting on the shore of Lake Superior at sunset. The sky and water were ablaze with colors of Tangerine and red.  I decided to use the photo for inspiration in the "Color of the Year Challenge" on Daily Paintworks. Kathy Weber challenged fellow artists to do a painting based around the Pantone color "Tangerine Tango." Thank you Kathy for this great challenge!


  1. This is a great portrait of Shawna, I love the wistful look in her eye, great job!!

  2. What a beautiful portrait, Carol. Nothing beats or touches your heart as much as that adoring look in your dog's eyes!

  3. Carol this is absolutely beautiful! Hope you are tempted to do a larger piece! You captured Shawna's devotion and the colors sing!