Geranium Study

"Geranium Study"
6x6 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

This has been a draining week trying to plein air paint flowers in my back yard. With the rain for two days, inhaling mosquitos, getting stung by bees and finally the leg on my good easel falling apart, I headed back to my studio (again). Today, round 7 pm I decided to try again, on my deck this time. I set my old reliable French easel next to a Geranium plant that was looking a bit wilted. I thought the touch of orange on a few dry leaves would add color.

This time I really enjoyed the experience of painting fast and even had time to put in a few details and get it done in one hour flat! The sun was setting and I was losing my light so the values are a little off. Now I would like to try painting this plant in sunlight. By the way I love decks, no mosquitos!

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  1. I'm amazed you were able to paint that late! The touches of orange on the leaves works great too. Beautiful job!

  2. I do like your geranimums. The red and green complements work so nicely.
    Sometimes plein air can be very very hard. Bugginess is especially hard to bear!

  3. Hahaha Carol it sure has been a challenging challenge for both of us! But I think we're both victorious so cheers to you!

  4. I'm impressed with three attempts at this week's DPW challenge, and all of these are winners. Didn't attempt plein air this time of year, over 30 days now of 100+ temps with 113 expected this coming week, we're scorching! And yes, flowers are hard to capture!

  5. Great geraniums, Carol. The touch of orange in the leaves is wonderful. I applaud your plein air painting......I for one, am not a plein air painter.....sketcher yes but painting out doors has always thrown me.....I especially like some of the small pieces of light that lead you into, and around the greraniums.