Wildflower Study

"Wildflower Study"
5x6 oil on canvas
Carol Horzempa

I decided to practice painting flowers from a photo in my studio today before another attempt at plein air painting in my garden. After struggling way too long I was tempted to wipe the paint off and start over. In one last attempt I found adding a little red and warm browns seemed to work and will try to use this color scheme in this weeks DWP Challenge. I used the same limited palette of cad. red light, cad. yellow med, and ultra blue plus white.


  1. I agree, Carol...I like the warms...they add a lot.
    Looking forward to your challenge submission.

    I wasn't very pleased with my answer to this week's challenge. I feel the palette and the hurrying got in my way.
    Just shows I need to practice this one more.

  2. Very pretty, I'm glad you didn't wipe it. I tried the challenge yesterday, but it was a 'fail'. I'm having a really hard time with that palette.

  3. flowers are really tough. I have better luck with them when I paint really fast. Less time to think.

  4. You have created such a lovely painting, and even with a limited palette you have infused it with a wonderful variety of color! I love your begonia post too!!!

  5. Lovely flower paintings! You are correct they are very hard to paint. The warm colors make this so beautiful- great job!

  6. I'm glad you decided not to wipe this! It's a wonderful painting, full of light and movement. I mosied over to your flickr stream and looked at the paintings from your slideshow larger . . . a really nice body of work! I love the walkers from the overhead view---beautifully painted and very dynamic. Your city/landscapes/portraits, all so good. Thanks so much for the really nice comment on my blog.